Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs: What We Learn from His Liver

I will be honest with you all. I didn't know much about Steve Jobs until yesterday when my Facebook feed was blown up with news about his passing. I mean-- occasionally my business-minded hubby would spout off something about Apple stock, but apart from that-- he was just the owner of Apple to me. But the more I read, the more impressed I am. Really. The man, if nothing else, was a brilliant entrepreneur. But he was also a cancer-fighter & the recipient of a liver transplant on top of being CEO of Apple. The man had serious will power.

While doing a little reading about Mr. Jobs, I came across this rather frightening statistic: "According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, 15,771 people are currently waiting for a liver in the United States. Last year, 1,481 people died waiting for a donor liver, almost all of which come from the recently deceased. The national average waiting time for a transplant is about a year..."

15,771 people waiting for a liver. Just for a liver! And because they are waiting for a transplant, that means they are in critical condition. Many of them wait longer than a year, and many of them aren't able to make it that long. This is serious business. Unfortunately the only way to better these numbers is to get others to recognize the worth of the people around them and to consequently recognize the importance of becoming a donor.

It's a good fight we are fighting. Just keep on keepin' on, and gradually we will see those numbers decrease.

Happy weekend, everyone!