Monday, November 21, 2011


Today, as I was perusing my Facebook feed, I came across this heart-wrenching article. A 10-year-old little girl took her own life as a result of constant bullying at school.

At the end of the post, the author related that the little girl's organs had been donated. The parents felt that, since she was such a giving person in life, she would want to give the gift of life to others after her death.

I obviously don't know everything about this family, but as someone who has been touched by the effects of suicide, I commend the decision of this family to give other families the opportunity to keep their children a little longer on this earth despite having lost their own child so devastatingly. It is amazing to me that, in their time of grief, these parents were mindful enough to realize the blessing they could give to others. I am grateful for men and women who allow their sorrow to make them stronger, and instead of turning to anger for their comfort they turn to giving to find peace.

Please take some time to read this girl's story. Remember today that life is too short to be unkind. And remember that giving doesn't have to end with death.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Be safe. Have fun. And eat way too much good stuff!!!