Thursday, April 12, 2012

Angels Among Us

I firmly believe in angels. I believe there are angels keeping an eye on us from above that help us out from time to time, but I think that most often we are expected to act as each others' angels here on earth.

The TK Foundation has had some big-time help from a few such angels in the past couple of months, and we would like to formally thank them.

Thank you, Stephanie Roman, owner of Houston's Block 7 Wine Co. and Dave Lee, founder of the Block 7 Running Club! The first annual Cupid Crawl was not only a blast for all those who participated, but it resulted in a donation of $2,500 to The TK Foundation! Join us next year for more running (kind of) and wine tasting and laughing!

Thank you, Kairy-tate Barkley and your team at the French Cuff Boutique! Kairy-tate was a good friend of Todd's from high school, and her fundraising event on April 5th resulted in a donation of $788! If you haven't been to the French Cuff, you need to pay a visit. Their clothing, accessories, and bath & body collection are divine! (See the link above for online shopping and directions to their 2 store locations).

Thank you to the Greater Houston Community Foundation for their $1,000 donation to The TK Foundation! And a special thank you to Todd's cousin Matt Vicenik for making that happen! Your love for your cousin and his memory is very moving.

Thank you to all those who helped with the Grogan's Point Home Tour--we were blessed with $750 during the holidays from the tour! And a special thank you to Mary Ann Young for inviting the TK Foundation to be a part of such a beautiful event!

To all of  you out there who year after year support good causes, support friends through hard times, support family members through life changes, and are continually looking for ways to lend a helping hand-- THANK YOU! You are all truly angels!

With love,

The Todd Krampitz Foundation Team