Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Big Heroes

This world is full of extraordinary people--people with heroic hearts and helping hands. But it's not often that that heroism is exhibited by a heart and hands as small and young as Xander Vento's.

Early last week in Fort Worth, 4-year-old Xander saved a 3-year-old from drowning in their community pool, but in the struggle of keeping the little girl above the water, Xander became exhausted and couldn't keep his own head up. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene, Xander was unable to breathe on his own and soon thereafter slipped into a coma.

By the end of the week, Xander's parents had to make the extremely difficult decision to take their child off of life-support. But their pride in their son's heroic heart shone through their sorrow as they made their official statement: "We in some way hope our son’s life serves as an inspiration. He was the angel in the pool who sacrificed himself to save another. And now he continues to give as an organ donor. We were blessed to have such a kind and caring boy as Xander who set an example for all of us and even now he will be saving lives by giving of himself."

Even in death, Xander keeps on being a hero--keeps on saving lives. We are blessed to be surrounded by heroes, big and small, who give all they have in life and in death. Thank you for being a hero, Xander! And thank you to everyone who chooses to be an organ donor!

Love, The Todd Krampitz Foundation

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Facebook Promoting Organ Donation

We woke up to this on our news feed this morning!

For more information watch this!

A BIG thank you to Mark Zuckerberg for making this happen!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Angels Among Us

I firmly believe in angels. I believe there are angels keeping an eye on us from above that help us out from time to time, but I think that most often we are expected to act as each others' angels here on earth.

The TK Foundation has had some big-time help from a few such angels in the past couple of months, and we would like to formally thank them.

Thank you, Stephanie Roman, owner of Houston's Block 7 Wine Co. and Dave Lee, founder of the Block 7 Running Club! The first annual Cupid Crawl was not only a blast for all those who participated, but it resulted in a donation of $2,500 to The TK Foundation! Join us next year for more running (kind of) and wine tasting and laughing!

Thank you, Kairy-tate Barkley and your team at the French Cuff Boutique! Kairy-tate was a good friend of Todd's from high school, and her fundraising event on April 5th resulted in a donation of $788! If you haven't been to the French Cuff, you need to pay a visit. Their clothing, accessories, and bath & body collection are divine! (See the link above for online shopping and directions to their 2 store locations).

Thank you to the Greater Houston Community Foundation for their $1,000 donation to The TK Foundation! And a special thank you to Todd's cousin Matt Vicenik for making that happen! Your love for your cousin and his memory is very moving.

Thank you to all those who helped with the Grogan's Point Home Tour--we were blessed with $750 during the holidays from the tour! And a special thank you to Mary Ann Young for inviting the TK Foundation to be a part of such a beautiful event!

To all of  you out there who year after year support good causes, support friends through hard times, support family members through life changes, and are continually looking for ways to lend a helping hand-- THANK YOU! You are all truly angels!

With love,

The Todd Krampitz Foundation Team

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flash Mob to Save Lives!

There will be a Flash Mob to raise awareness of organ donation this Saturday, March 24 at 11:00 a.m. at City Centre.  Here is the YouTube link to the choreography and the password is lifeshare.

Come and join the FUN!!! Here are the instructions for the Flash Mob:

·         Arrive at City Centre on Saturday, March 24 no later than 10:30 a.m.
·         We will be doing our performance on the grassy area near the water fountains.  Be waiting somewhere near this area for your cue.
·         The address is 800 Town and Country Blvd Houston 77024.  There are FREE parking decks.
·         If you have a TK Foundation t-shirt, wear it.  If not, wear green shirt. 
·         We will start at 11:00 a.m.SHARP! 
·         We have a few leaders who will get things started by clapping and heading into the grassy area when the music is started. As soon as you hear the clapping, join them and wait for them to start dancing so you can join in.
·         When the dance is over, please disperse.  Everyone just walk away and pretend like nothing happened! It is way more effective and hilarious that way.

This is a NATIONWIDE event you will be participating in! This is your chance to shake your groove thing for a good cause, so WHY NOT?!

Monday, March 5, 2012

This Applies to You

Organ donation is a wonderful thing. It saves lives. Up to 8 lives per organ donor, in fact. And up to 50 more lives can be greatly improved by one organ donor. These are things we know. Many of us have loved ones who have donated or received a donation, and we know the importance, we've seen the gratitude, we've felt the heartache and the pride. 

But for many people in our nation, the subject of organ donation doesn't mean much. It's just something they get asked about and brush aside at the DPS/DMV. And because it hasn't touched their lives on a personal level, they don't realize that the subject applies to them. It applies to everyone. 

In February, three families were devastated when their sons were the victims of shootings. One of the young men was shot just a few blocks from his home in New York. The other two young men were victims of a school shooting in Ohio. Three young men lost futures--lost their chance to grow and progress. Three families lost brothers and sons. Children who should never have to see that kind of violence lost 3 friends. And it happened mindlessly. It happened in an instant. 

Despite these tragedies, the 3 families chose to give the gift of Life. All 3 boys were organ donors, and their memory lives on in the many, many lives that their gift will now touch.
We are all human. We are all fragile, and we live in an uncertain world. We don't know how long we have on this earth or what we will be asked to sacrifice. We can only make the most of every day we are given and make the choice to give back as much as we can. In these ways we are all connected. In these ways organ donation applies to us all.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Houston Marathon

Join Us At the Water Station And Help Support Our Runners!
Life is a gift, Give it!  
Hello! It is that time of year again to start recruiting volunteers for the 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon TK Foundation Water/Refueling Station. 

The marathon is on Sunday, January 15th and we will be at our same location at the intersection of Montrose Street and Bomar Street, near Texas Art Supply and Inversion Coffee House.

We currently need 80 volunteers!

Send us an email with your name and phone number, 
if you are interest in volunteering and we will be happy to get you registered. 

Be sure to wear your green TK Foundation shirt--let us know if you need one, and we will be happy to get you one free of charge. Also, TK Foundation hoodies are on sale for $20 each.

All water/refueling station volunteers will receive a complimentary lunch and celebration after the marathon, where we will be presenting our annual donation check to LifeGift to help promote blood, marrow, organ and tissue donor awareness.

This year we are very excited to announce that Miss Texas United States, Whitney Miller, will be working the TK Foundation water station. She will also be taking pictures and signing autographs at the lunch celebration after the marathon.
Hope to see you at the water station! Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Woodlands Holiday Home Tour...

The Woodlands
Holiday Home Tour
in Grogan’s Point

Sunday, December 4, 12 pm-5 pm

All ticket sales sold here will benefit
The Todd Krampitz Foundation
an organization for organ donor awareness— and the
Montgomery County Police & Fire Departments

Ticket includes entry to four estate homes!

Presale is $20 per person

(Tax deductible—keep your ticket for entry and receipt)

Thank you for your support, and Happy Holidays!

Email ticket requests to